Difference between gas ducted and reverse cycle

Regardless of the heating system that you choose the goal is that the heat should feel comfortable and unnoticeable. This means it is neither dry nor moist or overtly hot.

With gas ducted it is nice and comfortable and very natural. You don’t get dry eyes or dry skin. Overall ducted systems are great for a full home solution that you can zone and alter as required. So if you can afford a ducted system then you should go for it. Most people who decide on this type of system never regret it. It also means that you don’t have to upgrade your system at a later date because you bought a basic single reverse cycle system.

How expensive is gas ducted heating to run?

Gas ducted heating is quite cheap in many ways. The initial capital expenditure to install a system is cheap and they are also great on running costs. Many of them have a 6 star efficiency rating. Most modern systems zone really well into one or two zones, ducts or outlets depending on your installation. This allows your energy consumption to be really efficient.

Even a full home system can be zoned back to use just one room and run at 10% of its capacity which is a great cost saver in anyone’s language.

Relative to reverse cycle heating you have much better control of the heat in the home. Another benefit is the use of gas vs electricity/coal which means it is cheaper and more efficient.

Bear in mind that the installation costs for a zoned system is slightly more expensive. This is more than offset in the running costs when you can heat just one room if required.

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